Church West Side

You are invited to worship with us!

Our 9:30 am service on Sunday is a traditional service. We offer light refreshments and fellowship prior to and after the service, you are welcome to come as early as 9:00 am.

On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate Holy Communion. We offer open communion, which means that everyone is welcome at the Table of our Lord Jesus Christ. You do not have to be a member of this congregation, or even of a United Methodist Church. If you love Jesus Christ and would like to share in the sacrament, you are welcome to do so. We generally serve the elements by intinction. You will be offered a piece of bread and then you may dip it in the chalice (grape juice in a large cup) and then partake. Is you so desire, you are welcome to kneel at the altar rail after receiving the elements for a time of prayer.

Children of all ages are welcome in our sanctuary.

Our building is wheelchair accessible.

If you have any questions regarding our worship please contact our office at (734) 483-2276.

We hope to see you soon!